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Supply chain

Our philosophy : supply chain Our obsession for quality of raw materials enables us to offer delicatessen products which fully correspond to the expectations of the experts.
These expensive requirements provide guarantees which we consider as indispensable :


Our philosophy : supply chain • All our cured sausages and hams are produced using fresh pork meat: this supplying policy allows authentic and intact tastes
• French meat, from local origin : a guarantee for a perfect traceability concerning animal origin (more food security regarding quality) and a lower greenhouse effect due to shorter transport distances
• Respect from a minimum age of pigs before slaughtering (6 months) : selection of the noblest parts with comfortable size to prepare the products
• Pigs fed with corn (healthy food) : it restores an intact and authentic taste

As for the supply chain, our know-how corresponds today to the specifications outlined by the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) "Ardèche" related to dry sausages and hams. Further than the specific value from our products, we are providing through our supplying policy a support to the local agriculture chain.