Unsere Produktions-Abläufe

Luftgetrocknete Salamis

Before every single type of dry cured sausage is produced, all of them are based on unchanging methods, which are the mark from our home-made productions :

Knwo-how : Dry cured sausages• Exclusive use of fresh meat from French origin : butchery pigs or sows born, raised and slaughtered in our regions (while most salting factories use today frozen meat)
• Use of the noblest parts from the pork : ham, filet, shoulder, etc.
• Manual and mechanical sorting from nerves, which provides a gristle rate situated 40% below the average French market rate

Knwo-how : Dry cured sausages• Pre-salting from meats : this method helps meat link with fat pieces, strengthen flavours, and improve preservation (method inherited from farmers’ know-how). This method is slowly disappearing today
• Cutting with natural ingredients (no colouring matter nor flavour enhancer)
• Shaping into natural casings and shut with cord
• Stoving and drying in an open air system, in a mountainous area (1 136 meters altitude) where there’s a nip in the perfumed air (according to the size of the dry sausage, this process lasts between 3 and 13 weeks)

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