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Our Knwo-how : Ham and derivates Besides Bayonne area, Ardèche is the second French area which has set up a specification in order to get a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) related to charcuterie products. This PGI is in progress. With its bronze premium in the “best dry ham from France contest” in Lacaune (2006), and its golden premium the year after (2007) in the DLG contest in Germany, Teyssier settles down the fame of its traditional dry ham 12 months all over France, and even across the boarders.
This fame is a result of complete control of the multiple steps from its production, such as a consistent taste and structure. Teyssier strictly respects a sharp specification in order to get the best results :

• Exclusive using of French fresh hams mostly from local origin, from porks raised and slaughtered in our regions (complete control from processes like “feeding”, “living conditions”, and “minimum age”).
• Soft salting still done by the hand, in alternance with fine and raw salt.
• Cold maturing in order to generate a slow salt penetration into the heart of the ham
• Drying process on wood frames in mountainous area, in 1 136 meters
During drying process : hams are rubbed with a mix of pork fat and chestnut meal (chestnut is the symbol fruit from our region!) : this method provides a protection of the surface of the ham, and it prevents the surface from becoming hard, while putting into the product a sharp hazelnut taste…

Before the ham is sent to distribution, the bone is removed, the ham is sorted one last time (in order to remove the maximum fat and rind), and the pork fat put on the surface is also removed. Once it is pressed and vacuumed, the ham will be ready to reach the shops. After all those steps have been processed, the ham is roughly half heavy as it was fresh and raw!

But dry ham is not the only salting product that Teyssier can provide! Other famous derivates are produced in our factory (chestnut ham, smoked chestnut ham, traditional chestnut ham,…), such as rolled pork chest (pancetta), bacon, coppa, etc…

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