Teyssier salaisons Wir über uns
Wir über uns ?

Unsere Geschichte A bit of history

In 1871, Victorin Teyssier settled down in the small town of Saint-Agrève, on the Ardeche plateau. Already, he produced his own sausages, hams and other specialities from the Ardeche region to serve demanding customers. At that time he did not suspect that he would set up a family business whose fifth generation is still today carrying on a history, a tradition, and a know-how.

Unsere Heimat Environment

Still located (quite 140 years after its setting) in 1 136 meters, the salting factory TEYSSIER is undeniably the highest one in France. The company, situated at the entrance gate from the nature park “les Monts d’Ardèche” and in the very middle of fir woods, benefits of a unique climate due to the pure air which permits a quality maturing. The fact of being implemented in a mountainous region represents in itself a strength for the Teyssier products’ quality.

Die Firma Our company

We hire professionals, mostly from the area. Their passion for charcuterie and love of this business has generated over the passing years a complete range based on dry sausages, ham and derivates, and cooked charcuteries. These classic recipes are regularly widened with new and always unanimously appreciated recipes.

Teyssier todayTeyssier Today

Still devoted to its independence, our company belongs to the last few producers following the steps of ancestral local methods. Mostly retailed in small family-owned butcheries or delicatessen shops, we primarily deal in France, but also all over Europe.