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Fettarme Produkte

Further than “eat good”, “feel good” is a concept which is more and more present around our dishes. Today, you always have more and more reasons to pay attention to what you eat. To allow its customers go on enjoying good stuff without complex, our House has developed a short range of low-fat products : “fin-maigre”

The process is simple : all low-fat sausages are produced with 40% less fat, 0% complex and 100% pleasure! Some other traditional dry or cooked ham recipes are also shown as belonging to this low-fat range, since they are based on lean meat use.

fettarme Rosette 2 Kilo fettarme Bistrosalami 1 Kilo fettarmer Kochscinken 7 Kilo
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fettarme Rosette 2 Kilo
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fettarme Bistrosalami 1 Kilo
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fettarmer Kochscinken 7 Kilo